The Cathedral Organs

Historic Matthais Schwab Organ ~ c.1859
21 Ranks over 2-Manuals & Pedal
Tracker Action
Located in the West Gallery

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Organ Specifications
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Aultz-Kersting Organ ~ 1982
65 Ranks over 4-Manuals & Pedal
Original Wicks ~1930 ~ Henry Willis III
Located in the South Transept.

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Organ Specifications
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There are presently three separate organs in the Cathedral.
The principal Cathedral organ includes a remote Antiphonal division giving the aural illusion of two separate organs,
but played from one console. The 65-rank by 4-manual & pedal Aultz-Kersting Organ (1982) speaks from the
south transept, a product of rebuilding and augmentation of the original Wicks (1933).
Many of the nearly 4000 pipes date to the original Wicks organ and its noted tonal designer, Henry Willis III.

The historic Matthias Schwab 21-rank by 2-manual & pedal tracker organ (1859) was saved from St. Joseph Church, Covington,
before it's closure and subsequent demolition in 1970, and is located in the West Gallery.

In 2002, a 20-rank by 1-manual digital Portativ Organ (Ahlborn) was added for use in Liturgical and performance support.
This instrument may be moved freely throughout the Cathedral Basilica as needed.