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Covington Cathedral Concert Series Online

1101 Madison Avenue, Covington, Kentucky 41011

St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption
1101 Madison Avenue
Covington, Kentucky, USA 41011



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Dr. Gregory J. Schaffer

Basilica Principal Organist and Choirmaster
Director, Cathedral Concert Series

The Cathedral Concert Series endeavors to present instrumental and choral music
from the rich traditions of western liturgy and inspired classical music;
presented in a suitable visual and acoustic environment.

All series expenses, as well as costs for preservation of the Historic Matthias Schwab Organ (1859)
are made possible by the charitable donations of the greater community of music lovers.

Many individuals volunteer their time and talent to help defray costs of operation.

Your generous financial support is welcome to aid in the continuance of the Cathedral Concert Series.


"Concerts given in Churches in our time are desirable
manifestations of the sacredness of art, the evangelical
mission of the Church, and an exemplary form
of outreach to the community.

Properly prepared and performed, such concerts
give witness to the Gospel by addressing poverty of spirit
through the unique power of music to inspire,
elevate, teach and heal.

Where modern society, with its technological emphasis,
so frequently fails to uphold aesthetic values,
the Church, following its practice since at least
medieval times, has the opportunity to reintroduce
these values through the ministry of art.

Just as the great medieval Cathedrals
were both spiritual and cultural centers,
the Church in our time opens its doors to
invite and embrace the community it seeks to serve.

In addition to the great corpus of musical literature
passed on to us for liturgical use, there has also been
created a unique repertoire which requires the ambience
of the sacred space and which is rarely effective in the
concert hall: cantatas, oratorios, passion settings,
concerti "da chiesa," liturgical music-dramas,
and the vast storehouse of Pipe Organ literature."

~ Conference of Roman Catholic Cathedral Musicians ~